Randy was the featured artist at the 2022 Arts For All festival in Lawton Oklahoma.

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Randy's Wildlife and Nature Photography

I was born in Norman and have lived in Oklahoma all my life. It was a blessing to have with relatives living in rural settings which provided me with the opportunity to develop a love for nature and wildlife. I was an avid bowhunter that enjoyed the stalk, and learned patience while sitting for hours waiting on that potential shot. There became a time in my life where the desire to harvest meat was replaced with a very simple desire just be there as an observer.

Photography was something I have enjoyed since my early twenties. Family and friends encouraged me to invest in some good quality equipment and to pursue wildlife photography as something other than a hobby.

There is an aspect of wildlife and nature photography where you put yourself in position to capture a moment in time that is very stimulating and satisfying. It’s a great adventure to be learning something new all the time.